The Most Advanced iPad POS CRM

Never forget a face again

Find Out Who Your Best Customers Are

All the important data, collected and summarized for you.
Sales, orders, profit margins… all presented clearly for comparison.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Easily create customer profiles during checkout. We capture and organize customers’ names and orders with every card swipe. Combined with email receipts, we create a robust, powerful CRM. 46% of shoppers would buy from a retailer that personalizes the in-store shopping experience.

Store Credit and Gift Card

Gift cards are a growing business. Over 70% of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card – an extra $20, on average. Create your own customized gift cards, featuring your logo.

Loyalty Program

Bindo offers a flexible, multi-tier loyalty feature for tracking customer spending and rewards. 69% of shoppers say that their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn loyalty rewards.

Track Every Customer’s Spending History

Know how much your customers have spent and what they’ve purchased. Bindo¬†helps you target your marketing, and helps you know when to reach out to encourage customer visits.