A Smarter iPad POS
for Retail

A cloud-based iPad POS that makes managing your retail store easier than ever.

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A Sophisticated Inventory Management System

Automatic, painless and portable inventory management
tools available at your fingertips.

  • Automatic: Bindo Simple Scan Technology
  • Painless: Custom inventory reports
  • Portable: Manage your inventory on your iPad POS wherever you are

Engaging CRM Features

Customer directory. Feedback. Gift cards. Store credit.
Reward programs. Analytics.

With Bindo POS, access an integrated customer relationship management system (CRM) that updates real-time wherever you are with one-click customer analytics comparisons readily available anytime.

Business Insights
& Real-Time Sales Analytics

Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand data across all devices.

  • Sales summary reports
  • Income statement analysis
  • Side-by-side product comparison
  • Historical sales data comparison
  • Available on the iPad app and the web Dashboard
  • Exportable spreadsheets

One-Click Purchase Orders

  • Check order status at a glance
  • Intelligent re-ordering suggestions
  • A vault for all your invoices & receipts
  • Manage your suppliers in one place

Invoicing Feature

  • Enhanced payment and billing capabilities
  • Enable multiple payment scenarios
  • Improved purchasing experience for the customer
  • The added ability to “bill now, pay later”

Online Marketplace

Zero-Effort selling.

Want to sell in a new channel but don’t have a website? Our one-click setup instantly puts your products online and lets shoppers buy them via the Bindo Market app and website. Coming in 2016.

Accept Safer, Faster Payments

Bindo POS accepts cash, cards, Apple Pay and a range of other mobile payment options, thus, is a great way to increase your sales. We work with 99% of credit card processors to accomodate every retail merchant. By recognizing security as your #1 priority and with fortified protocol modules enabled with military-grade security, your customers’ credit card data is always fully encrypted and tokenized at the Point-of-Sale. We go the extra way to keep you and your customers safe.

  • Safe, Secure & PCI-Compliant, built to protect you and your customers.
  • Shorten checkout times and reduce walk-outs.

Friendly Live Support

Our customer care team is staffed with experienced Bindo POS users.

We’re always here to help. No extra fees required.