Educational Services

iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

Revel Restaurant iPad POS Features

Revel Restaurant iPad POS replaces all the tools you need to run your restaurant.

A Smart iPad POS System

Manage your business easier than ever.

Transform your ideas with technology

Work Demo's

Setup your online store now

Accept payments anywhere anytime

A Smarter iPad POS System


We are committed to growing your audience, increasing its loyalty, and transforming your business
- furthering your profitable relationship with your customers. Our unique knowledge based on
years of experience in several niches makes us ready to overcome your challenges.

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Develop professional marketing communications

iPA’s designers, art directors and copy editors will help you define and develop professional marketing communications that match your business style, ranging from logos, business cards, websites and social media presence.

Bringing your vision to life

Does your corporate identity, branding and marketing communication reflect the vision and positioning of your business? At iPA, our marketing consultants will help you develop the right image and branding for your business. We will work with you to understand your business and develop marketing collateral that is aligned with your company’s vision.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at iPA. We understand that a successful design project is an iterative and collaborative process. We have designed our operations in a way that you are always engaged in the process and we will take your feedback and collaborate with you at each step.

We will guarantee 100% satisfaction for each and every project.

Logo Design

A logo is more than just a trademark, and because of that iPA designers and art directors aim to create a logo that will capture the interest of your customers and allow them to identify their brand every time they see the logo. iPA services will create a logo that captures the essence of your brand and ensure that the ideals of your business are conveyed with excellence

Business card/ visit card

A standard business card or a visit card is a very important element of the visual identity for your business. A standard business card represents your brand to potential customers and is often the first tangible thing about yourself that you give a customer.

Letterhead designs

A letterhead is a vital tool in marketing and can serve as a great advantage for your business. iPA designers and art directors will create a design that can play to your advantage and make your business stand out with a unique image.

Flyer backgrounds

iPA will help you market your business using creative flyers. Marketing through custom flyers is one of the most effective, tried and tested business strategies and iPA will ensure that your business takes full advantage of this service.

Newsletter Design

iPA can help you create a newsletter design that is unique to your business fully knowing that a newsletter is the ideal way to keep your customers continuously informed of the latest updates inside your company and industry. This will also allow you to constantly remind your customers of your brand and to communicate your interest in creating a relationship with your customers.

We set the value, not price.