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iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

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A company’s business performance directly depends on the efficiency of its IT infrastructure and business processes.

With iPA, you will have high caliber consultation on IT Auditing. This further allows you to monitor the performance of your business knowing fully that a company’s business performance depends directly on the efficiency of its IT infrastructure and business processes.


IT Audit Practices

  • IT Audit should be conducted regularly (e.g. once per year).
  • A audit checklist should be made for each security level/OS, for simplicity.
  • The auditor should be independent of the administration and be objective.
  • The audit should check: Guidelines, Policies, Users, Management, IT Security managers, Administrators, IT Resources.

Access Control

  • Comprised of those policies and procedures that are designed to allow usage of data processing assets.
  • We protect these from both physical and logical perspective.
  • We prevent and detect unauthorized accesses or use.
  • We will review the different access groups’s limit and decide what is the best to protect the assets.


Physical Security

  • We maintain written procedures relating  to controls over the physical security of the computer equipment.
  • We place the hardware such as servers/storage in an appropriate location to ensure security.
  • We make policies for temporary access by employees, visitors, or outside vendors and use sign-in logs to keep track of their activities.
  • We utilize monitoring software linked to the physical access device to electronically monitor computer room entrances.

Program change control

  • We maintain written procedures for controlling program changes through IT management and programming personnel.
  • We use control software to manage source programs and object programs, especially production programs.
  • We provide procedures for emergency program changes.


Personal Computer and End-User Computing (EUC)

  • We maintain written policies related to PC Security, Shareware, Maintaining PC software and Backup.
  • We use access control software which is utilized for passwords, boot protection and restriction to install software.
  • We provide documentation for critical applications.

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