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A Smarter iPad POS System


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Simple, convenient, secure, and cost effective

iPA’s Mobile Point of Sale (iPA mPOS) is the Middle East’s first EMV Chip & PIN mobile acceptance solution designed uniquely for cash-dependent establishments such as home deliveries, mobile salesmen, fast food counters, etc. This simple, secure and cost effective solution provides businesses with the opportunity to innovatively make smartphones and tablets points of sale using transformative technology. Businesses and customers alike can take advantage of the benefits of iPA’s mobile acceptance solution.


  • Provides consumers with a buying experience tailored specifically to their personal needs.
  • Allows merchants to collect card transactions from anywhere without worrying about cash management.
  • Accepts all credit/debit cards, be it Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign, or Swipe & Sign
  • Offers in-store integration. Use your apps for payments for better in-store customer experience.
  • The device is compatible with both iOS and Android.

How it works?

To use iPA mPOS, simply all you need to do is:

  • Insert customer’s card into the device and key in amount on the smartphone
  • Customer either enters the PIN on the mPOS device, or signs on the smartphone
  • Once the transaction is approved, customer will receive the receipt through email. It’s that SIMPLE!
  • Cashier stores the slip

Home Delivery Payments Simplified

With iPA mPOS, your customers will enjoy their meal and never have to worry about extra change or about carrying enough cash. Using an iPA mPOS device allows customers to receive an email receipt once they sign the device speeding up the payment process.

  • No need to fumble for change
  • No lost cash with delivery personnel
  • Higher productivity for delivery personnel
  • Better customer experience

Without iPA mPOS

  • Delivery arrives
  • Customer searches for change but can’t find any
  • Customer has to walk down to the ATM.
  • Customer doesn’t order next time if he has no change at home.

With iPA mPOS

  • Delivery arrives
  • Customer doesn’t have change, so he pays with card
  • Customer signs on the device and receives an email receipt instantly
  • Customer enjoys the experience and orders again


  • Integrated barcode scanner in tablet to scan goods
  • Purchase details displayed on tablet screen on your app
  • Payment option to accept card displayed on your app
  • Customer inserts card in mPOS device and signs on tablet
  • Instant customised receipt with GPS locator, emailed to customer
  • Customers experience is more engaging with no wait time in queues
  • All sales people can accept payment while making sales

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