A Smarter iPad POS System

Manage your business easier than ever with Bindo’s cloud-based iPad POS.

For Retail  For Restaurant


Feature-Packed Register

Run your business more efficiently than ever with 300+ features.


Inventory Management

Bindo’ Inventory management system fills your library with essential information instantly.


CRM & Rewards

One directory for all your customer info, reward program status, store credit and gift cards.


Actionable Analytics

Detailed metrics neatly presented to help you see what needs to be improved and how.


Credit Card Processing

Use Bindo’s secure and PCI-compliant flat-rate card processing service or bring your own processor.


Online Dashboard

Manage your stores across any device, and get access to real-time reports remotely.


Sell Online

Instantly sell your products online through your website or through your online marketplace.


Custom Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

Worldwide Live Support

International & Regional offices across different time zones, including UAE,  New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Available 7 days a week. No extra fees required.

Hardware Tailored to Your Needs

A wide range of custom hardware options are available to you when you sign up.
Bindo’s system supports everything you need from barcode scanners to scales. They are available in various designs and colors to match your style. Your existing hardware could also be used as long as it is supported by our system.


All-in-One POS Solution

With experience in retail software and e-commerce, Bindo has designed a all-in-one solution POS system providing a variety of features and tools that optimizes your business performance. The Bindo POS system includes features such as, inventory management, barcode scanning and analytical reports.

Start Selling in 2 Simple Steps

Getting started with Bindo is quick and easy.

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