Educational Services

iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

Revel Restaurant iPad POS Features

Revel Restaurant iPad POS replaces all the tools you need to run your restaurant.

A Smart iPad POS System

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A Smarter iPad POS System


We are committed to growing your audience, increasing its loyalty, and transforming your business
- furthering your profitable relationship with your customers. Our unique knowledge based on
years of experience in several niches makes us ready to overcome your challenges.

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Security and convenient payment acceptance using cards have become vital factors for both businesses and customers alike.

Aligned with market dynamics, iPA offers the latest and most secure payment platforms for your customers providing them with unique experiences with your business.


Information Security Consultancy

  • Compliance
  • Governance

Penetration Testing

The best way to learn how intruders will hack into your system is to simulate an attack. This simulation of a realistic attack will help identify the risks posed to the system.

  • Why conduct penetration test?
  • Types of penetration test.
  • Services of penetration test.


Vulnerability Assessment

The process of identifying security vulnerabilities in a system, quantifying and prioritizing (ranking) them. It identifies the weakness of a system and the procedures to eliminate those weaknesses.

General steps of Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Catalog assets and resources in a system
  • Assign quantifiable value and importance to the resources
  • Identify the security vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource
  • Mitigate or eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources

ISO 27001 Consultancy

Simulation of a realistic attack will help identify the risks posed to the system.

  • What is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ?
  • Benefits and advantages
  • Security Measures


BCP & DR Consultancy

The practice to ensure the continuity of a business operations and adhere to industry-specific regulatory compliance as well as improve system availability along with integration of IT operational risk management strategies.

IT Audit Consultancy

With iPA, you will have high caliber consultation on IT Auditing. This further allows you to monitor the performance of your business knowing fully that a company’s business performance depends directly on the efficiency of its IT infrastructure and business processes.

  • IT Audit Practices.
  • Access Control.
  • Physical Security.
  • Program Change Control.
  • Personal Computer and End-User Computing (EUC)


Email Security

iPA provides only the highest ranking technology to prevent and respond to multilevel threats in order to secure your emails.

General steps of Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Email Encryption
  • Anti-Spam
  • Data loss prevention

Network Security

iPA’s Network Security services comprise of Network Security Audit and other security services across various areas including; Network Protection, URL Access Control and Subscriber Protection.

  • Network Security Audit.
  • Stress Testing.
  • Network Security Services.

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