Educational Services

iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

Revel Restaurant iPad POS Features

Revel Restaurant iPad POS replaces all the tools you need to run your restaurant.

A Smart iPad POS System

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A Smarter iPad POS System


We are committed to growing your audience, increasing its loyalty, and transforming your business
- furthering your profitable relationship with your customers. Our unique knowledge based on
years of experience in several niches makes us ready to overcome your challenges.

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Evaluation of the strength of your defenses.

iPA’s vulnerability assessment technology allows us to identify security vulnerabilities in a system, quantifying and finally prioritizing these vulnerabilities. With realistic scenarios and simulations, iPA’s methods ensure maximum security for your business.

Infrastructure Security

  • External & Internal network vulnerability assessments.
  • Wireless security assessments.
  • Network architecture and firewall review.
  • Host and network device review.
  • Custom services as requested.


Application Security

  • Web and client-server application security assessments
  • Mobile application assessments across most platforms
  • Source code reviews for most common programming languages
  • Software development life cycle (SDLC) reviews
  • Application architecture assessments
  • Database and middle ware application assessments
  • Custom services as requested

Social Engineering and Physical Security

  • The weakest link is often the employee.
  • The Vulnerability Assessment includes a portfolio of social engineering and physical penetration testing services to help you identify deficiencies in employee security awareness that can result in the accidental exposure of critical corporate information.

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