Educational Services

iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

Revel Restaurant iPad POS Features

Revel Restaurant iPad POS replaces all the tools you need to run your restaurant.

A Smart iPad POS System

Manage your business easier than ever.

Transform your ideas with technology

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A Smarter iPad POS System


We are committed to growing your audience, increasing its loyalty, and transforming your business
- furthering your profitable relationship with your customers. Our unique knowledge based on
years of experience in several niches makes us ready to overcome your challenges.

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So your business has a website — or you’re in need of one for your brand new venture.

Web designing can be an overwhelming process, but iPA provides the artists and the diverse expertise that simplify the process and bring you designs tailored uniquely to your business.

Easy to Understand

We avoid information that is irrelevant or rarely needed. Show only the text and visual elements that need to be there – no more, no less. Every additional thing competes for your visitors’ attention.

The goal of actual webpage design is to provide users with an exciting presentation that facilitates their quest for information. The best designed websites have a unified look, they catch and hold our interest, they are intriguing but not bewildering to navigate, they are simple to use, and they are well maintained without spelling and other errors. Well-designed websites showcase their content, not bury it.

Responsive Design

Our designs aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.

To achieve the above targets we use most of the famous web UI frame works like Bootstrap. Our experts are the real experts and they know already what to use where.


Color, contrast, graphics, photos and layout are aesthetic elements that enhance communication of information. The visual form of these elements on your website depends on the ideas you want to communicate to your potential customers. Ideas you might articulate include “trust this company,” “buy this product,” “read this information,” “explore this area,”. We integrate your objectives with aesthetic elements to achieve a desirable website atmosphere that will effectively communicate ideas and information to your customers.

We set the value, not price.